Legioblock Canada

Our philosophy: ‘We build solutions’ and Legioblock is constantly seeking ways to add value for our customers. Our sales team will be pleased to help you find a complete solution with our interlocking concrete blocks. This is why do more than just supply stacking blocks. We have been providing complete solutions for over 45 years, including an on-site visit, construction plans, statistical calculations, transport, construction and also roofing structures.

Legioblock Canada Ltd.
11 Bronte Road, Unit 107
Oakville, Ontario N1R 6J9
T: +1 519 500 8176

Ward Janssens
E: wjanssens@legioblock.com

Other locations:
Legioblock Quebec
1095 Bouthillier
Marie Ville, Quebec J3M 1G6
T: +1 514 265 5556

TAx ID : 804100329RT0001
Coop. Nr. 945362-8