Concrete retaining walls

Concrete retaining walls can be constructed quick and easy with Legioblock® interlocking concrete blocks. With this flexible construction system, we can conctruct concrete retaining walls within hours. The interlocking concrete blocks are easily stacked and placed, without the need for cement. This way, they can be moved and reconstructed at any time.Legioblock® retaining walls can be conctructed directly on a level and firm surface. So no need for digging special foundations. With production and storage facilities in the U.S. and Canada, we can supply upon request from our large stock.

Legioblock® are available in various standard sizes. Our blocks are quality and fire resistant certified and have excellent noise properties. Legioblock® offers a complete service package including design, static calculations, transport, an expert construction and even different roofing structures.

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Concrete retaining wall

Legioblock concrete retaining walls