Industrial buildings

Construct your customised industrial buildings fast.

Legioblock provides a flexible solution for constructing deposits, hangars and industrial buildings. Thanks to the Legioblock interlocking blocks, walls can be quickly stacked to a height of 8.80 metres. Special foundations are usually not necessary, a flat surface with sufficient bearing strength can be immediately used for construction. This offers you the flexibility to relocate the blocks when required. Perfect for your temporary storage needs.


In conjunction with Blommaert we installed this large industrial building at Neuss harbour. We took care of the construction plans, statistical calculations and built the Legioblocks. Blommaert installed the sliding aluminium roofing.

Single point of contact

In order to carry out the entire construction of your warehouse we work with roofing specialists and engineering firms. During the preparation process we make statistical calculations to ensure the safety of the hangar. All the communication in relation to this warehouse goes through us, so you have a single point of contact during the construction of your entire project.

Fast construction

Our qualified staff will quickly and easily stack the Legioblocks, just like any other separation walls and storage bay project. Thanks to our extensive experience in constructing industrial buildings, you can rely on us to deliver quality end results.


More information?

Would you like more information or a free consultation for constructing industrial buildings? Contact us, one of our advisors will pay you an on-site visit to discuss the possibilities should you require.

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