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Legioblock is manufactured by Jansen Legioblock B.V. A concrete construction system of interlocking blocks. Fast and easy to assemble without fixing materials. Its flexibility makes it an ideal solution for both permanent and temporary storage structures. Want to build a solution with Legioblocks? We will be please to help you.


  • The solution of your choice

  • Cost-efficient

  • Sustainable (recycled materials)

  • Premium quality

  • Sound and fire-resistant

  • Proven reliability for over 45 years

With production sites at Son, Helmond, Amsterdam and Meissen (DE) we can deliver Legioblocks directly from stock.


A good start is the secret to success

Jansen Legioblock B.V. is one of the six divisions of A. Jansen B.V. Our philosophy: A good start is the secret to success and our organisation is constantly seeking ways to add value for our customers.

This is why Jansen Legioblock B.V does more than just supply the stacking blocks. Legioblock provides a complete solution which includes an on-site visit, construction plans, statistical calculations, transport, construction and potentially roofing structures.

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