Sturdy embankments with stackable concrete blocks

Are you looking for a solution for a load-bearing embankment? For example, to compensate for differences in height on your industrial estate? The stackable concrete blocks from Legioblock provide a solid base as a retaining wall for a slope. Legioblock also offers the ideal solution for steep embankments along a railway, highway or river.

Effective solution for steep embankments

With an interlocking retaining wall of concrete blocks, we can reinforce embankments up to an angle of inclination of 90°. A slope greater than 45° is referred to as a steep slope and reinforcing measures are required to protect the environment.

The angle of inclination of the embankment largely determines how high the wall should be and how much reinforcement is needed. The type of soil (for example sand, gravel or clay) also plays a major role in the ballast that the embankment reinforcement must be able to bear. We map this into a static calculation.


Statistical calculation

The static calculation provides an overview of the construction conditions and serves as the basis for the construction drawings of the concrete embankment reinforcement. We also include factors such as the type of substrate, the climate and the environment in which the building is being built.

In this way we offer a total solution and we relieve you from start to finish.

Preventing landslide and subsidence

With a slope there is a risk that the ground will shift or wash away. Subsidence can also occur in the subsoil. With the flexible and stackable system of Legioblock, we can respond well to the required bearing capacity to prevent soil shifts and subsidence.

We reinforce the retaining wall along a slope with one or more buttresses, creating a staircase construction. As a result, the pressure of the ground is not only on the side but also on the top of the stackable concrete blocks. This ensures a stable whole. In addition, the force on the ground is distributed, which removes the risk of subsidence.


Water drainage for safe embankments

Especially in areas with a lot of rain, water can accumulate behind the embankment reinforcement. In the long run, this puts too much pressure on the wall, which can damage it. That is why we install a drainage system for good water drainage. The water seeps away slowly, so that there is no congestion. In this way we ensure a safe reinforcement of the slope for the long term.


More information?

Would you like to know more about embankments reinforcement with Legioblock? Contact us for information or request a quote. Our specialists are happy to think along with you.