Legioblocks are fire-resistant for at least 4 hours.

Legioblock is ideal for use in fire-resistant walls. Legioblock holds A1 fire-resistant classification in accordance with REI 240 standards. This means the Legioblocks are fire-resistant for up to at least 4 hours. In practice, this means the blocks last even longer than 4 hours.


“Thanks to the concrete Legioblocks the damage was limited, the concrete blocks ensured the fire could not spread to adjacent storage places.”

Mr. Koen Huiskes, Huiskes Metaal Waalwijk

Proven to be fire-resistant:

  • A1 fire-resistant classification in accordance with the REI 240 standards.
  • Fireproof for at least 4 hours
  • Prevents fire outbreak
  • Limits fire propagation
  • Blocks are virtually undamaged after fire

Protection against fire outbreak and fire propagation

Fires frequently occur at waste and recycling plants. With particular reference to the storage of bulk goods and flammable materials such as wood, paper and rubber tyres, it is highly unlikely that the fire will stay limited to one compartment. Legioblock pevents this from happening and therefor the fire doensn’t spread through the entire site.

Fireproof site layout

Legioblock interlocking blocks prevent fire outbreak and propagation and ensure a fire-safe layout for your site. When a fire occurs, temperature increase on the other side of the Legioblock concrete wall is limited, which prevents fire outbreaks from spreading. A concrete wall stabilises the stored materials, which prevents a horizontal spread of the fire.


Customised solution

Would you like some advice on constructing fire-resistant walls? Our specialists will be pleased to visit and advise you. Call us or email us to make an appointment.

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