Legioblock prevents spread of fire at recycling plant

Storage bays

Fire at recycling plant

Most fires at waste facilities and recycling plants start as a result of overheating or spontaneous combustion. All sorts of materials can catch fire, from solid substances to liquids. Although fires can never be completely prevented, waste and recycling facilities can do a lot themselves to prevent fire. Legioblock will gladly help to devise solutions.

Fire-resistant storage boxes

Apart from important preventive measures such as monitoring the storage, temperature and humidity of waste streams, storage boxes can also have a significant impact. They do not prevent fires as such, but they can prevent fires from spreading and thus limit the damage caused. Legioblock interlocking blocks prevent fires from penetrating and spreading and ensure that the layout of the site is fire-proof.

Major fire at German recycling plant

A major fire broke out some time ago at a recycling plant in Germany. It took the fire service two whole days to extinguish the fire completely. Because the storage boxes had been constructed with Legioblock concrete blocks to a height of six metres, the fire did not spread to other compartments. As a result, not everything caught fire and damage was limited. The fire-resistant blocks also enabled the firefighters to get close to the fire. And the blocks themselves were almost unscathed; only the top level had to be replaced.