Limiting noise pollution

The concrete interlocking blocks by Legioblock are ideal for the construction of sound barriers or motorways at industrial sites that create noise pollution. The blocks’ excellent sound-resistant qualities and the robust construction when built are also important factors.


Legioblock design blocks are ideal for building sound barriers; beautiful and sound-resistant!

Fast delivery and installation

The Legioblocks are produced at our own concrete plants in The Netherlands and Germany. A unique concrete mixture is poured in special moulds and the blocks are stored at one of our sites after the concrete has set. Our abundant supply ensures that we can deliver the precast blocks quickly and on demand.

No foundations necessary

In order to construct retaining walls, special foundations are often not necessary. Flat surfaces with sufficient bearing strength can be immediately used for construction. The concrete interlocking blocks are assembled directly from the transporting vehicle without using any fixing material.


Customised solution?

Would you like more information about building a sound barrier or a customised solution? Call us or send us an email for a quote or analysis of your specific situation. We will be please to offer you some advice!

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