Storage bays

Maximum storage capacity with interlocking blocks

The Legioblock precast building system is often used by recycling companies, agricultural organisations and port authorities for creating concrete bays for bulk material storage, such as sand, gravel, compost, metal, plastics, manure or fodder. The simple stud system enables you to easily adjust or expand your concrete storage bays. Both the height as the size can be adjusted at any given time, given you a maximum storage capacity at all times.

Legio-footblock for extra stability

Each product has certain properties that influence the storage height and ultimately affect the maximum storage capacity. With Legioblock, it is possible to build several different constructions, each suitable for the product and weight in question. Imagine, for example, concrete boundary walls with footblocks for extra firmness and maximum storage capacity.

Permanent or temporary storage structures

Because Legioblocks can be moved, they are ideal for either permanent or temporary storage structures. Walls can be moved or adjusted at any given time. This gives you the freedom to adjust your storage capacity based on changing needs.

These interlocking blocks can be transferred to a new site and storage bays can be rebuilt if required.


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