Retaining walls

Construction systems for retaining walls and sound-resistant walls

Legioblock’s concrete retaining walls can be quickly assembled and are easy to move. This makes the interlocking block system the ideal solution for constructing concrete boundary walls, quay walls and basements. Legioblock is also ideal for providing sturdy foundations with a weight of about 2400 kilogram.


Legioblock design blocks are ideal for building sound barriers; beautiful and sound-resistant!

Foundation not required

Foundations are not always required for building retaining walls. Flat surfaces with a lot of bearing strength can be used immediately for construction. The Legioblock construction system offers more advantages over prefab concrete elements, with possibility of extra height capacity. The concrete interlocking blocks are assembled directly from the transport vehicle without using cement or any other fixing material.

Up to 8.80 metres high

The maximum height of a retaining wall depends on a number of factors, such as the material stored, although the height can be extended up to 8.80 metres. Heights of 13 metres are possible, subject to consultation. This is ideal solution for high industrial buildings, for separating goods or building separation walls.


Legioblock walls have excellent fire-resistant properties. Legioblock holds A1 fire-resistant classification in compliance with REI 240 standards and is effective at least 4 hours. Legioblocks prevents fire outbreaks and fire propagation, preventing fire from further spreading.


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