Crash protection

For parking safety and security

With traffic barriers and the reflector block, Legioblock provides the ideal solution for crash protection, site marking, burglary protection and road blocks.
These blocks are poured in special moulds and are stored in one of our locations after the concrete has set. Our abundant stock means we can supply on demand.

Traffic barriers

Ideal for marking and protecting roads and buildings. The traffic barriers marks places where parking is prohibited or dangerous. The concrete block offers protection for road users, pavements and road verges, serving as a barrier separating the road from cycling/pedestrian paths.

In very busy areas, traffic barriers can be particularly useful as crash protection for hangars, buildings or installations.


  • Delivered in grey by default
  • Available from stock
  • Delivered in the standard size 80x53x49 cm (lxbxh)

Reflector block

The reflector block is the ideal solution for crash protection and road blocks. Thanks to added reflectors, road blocks and markings are also visible during the evening and at night. This makes this traffic barrier particularly useful as a road block, anti-parking barrier, crash protection for hangars, buildings or installations and burglary protection.


  • Single-sided equipped with reflectors
  • Available from stock
  • Available in 2 standard measurements. Other dimensions upon request

The 160x80x80, 120x80x80 and 160x80x40 centimetre models, have cut-outs at the bottom which allows them to be easily moved by forklift trucks.


More information?

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