Salt storage

For weatherproof salt storage

For the construction of salt storage boxes we work with Blommaert, an aluminium roofing specialist. Legioblock salt storage boxes are waterproof, weatherproof and feature excellent ventilation. Both the Legioblocks and the roof construction are resistant to salt´s aggressive action. They are sustainable and 100% recyclable.


The long-standing cooperation between Legioblock and Blommaert means you can count on us to provide a customised storage solution.

Instantly available for use after construction

Legioblocks are easy to stack without requiring cement or fixing materials. The salt storage boxes can be relocated or expanded when necessary. Depending on the size, the salt storage could be constructed in the matter of a few working days. Because there is no drying time, you can start using the salt storage bay immediately.


All salt storage boxes are customised to your needs. Blommaert’s roofs are customised and their sliding doors can be opened entirely, making loading and unloading extremely easy.  You can freely choose the dimensions of your storage bays in units of 40 cm. The maximum span is 15 m.

Due tot the long-standing cooperation between Legioblock and Blommaert, we  are a reliable partner for your project. Excellent service and high quality guaranteed.


Customised solution?

Would you like to know more about using Legioblock as a solution for your salt storage? Contact us for more information or for a free consultation. We´ll help you put your plan into action.

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