High wall capacity

Separation walls of up to 8.80 metres high

The maximum height of a retaining wall is dependent on a number of factors, including the material stored. In general, walls can be stacked to a height of 8.80 metres. In some cases, we can build up 13 metres, subject to consultation. This is ideal for high storage bays, in order to separate goods or building a separation wall.

Complete solution

Legioblock offers a complete solution. We take care of the entire project. This includes planning, statistical calculations, transport, construction and also roofing structures. With over 45  years of experience, we have the expertise to take care of your project from the start to finish. We will oversee the entire project so you only have a single point of contact.

Flexible construction system

Legioblock is a flexible construction system of interlocking concrete blocks which allows you to build the solution you desire. The blocks are assembled without using fixing materials. This makes Legioblock suitable for both permanent and temporary storage structures.


More information?

For more information or customised advice we would be pleased to visit you to discuss the possibilities on site. Contact us via email or call us.

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