The multiple benefits of the interlocking block system

Legioblock is a flexible construction system of interlocking concrete blocks. Fast and easy to assemble without fixing materials. Its flexibility makes it an ideal solution for both permanent and temporary storage structures. The interlocking concrete blocks allow you to easily construct the solution you desire. Cost effective, premium quality and with proven reliability. Additionally, the Legioblock is sound and fire-resistant.

Easy construction

The construction of Legioblock projects starts immediately during the delivery, straight from the lorry. A certified driver stacks the Legioblocks easily using a stone clamp. Studs on top and cut-outs on the bottom ensure that the blocks fit perfectly. As a result, the project can be ready for use in a matter of hours.



Legioblocks are certified with the KIWA Product certificate for concrete products. Legioblock is also CE certified. (Certificates).

Foundation not required

Projects can often be completed without the need for laying foundations. Flat surfaces with sufficient bearing strength can be immediately used for construction. The concrete interlocking blocks are assembled directly from the transporting vehicle without using cement or any other fixing material.


Fast delivery

With production sites in Son, Helmond, Tilburg, Amsterdam and Meissen (DE) we can deliver Legioblocks directly from stock. Our abundant stock ensures that we can deliver the precast blocks quickly and on demand.

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