Make changes at any given time.

Because Legioblocks are stacked together without fixing materials, they can be moved at any given time. This gives you the freedom to adjust your storage capacity or retaining wall based on changing needs. These interlocking blocks can be transferred to a new site and storage bays can be rebuilt if required.


“For Legioblock, flexibility is not only just a feature of their products, it is at the core of what they do, from management to construction.”

Patrick Cybulski, harbourmaster of Ile Napoléon and spokesman of the harbour company.

A solution for every situation

The interlocking Legioblocks offer a customised solution to suit your needs. The flexible construction system enables us to take into account any existing installations that are present in your building. Thanks to our extensive experience in constructing storage bays and industrial buildings, you can rely on us to deliver quality and a satisfying end result..

Complete solution

In addition to offering a customised solution, we take care of the coordination of the entire project. This includes construction plans, statistical calculations, transport and construction.


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