Benefits of a flexible warehouse built using concrete stacking blocks

Benefits of a flexible warehouse built using concrete stacking blocks

If your existing storage bay or warehouse needs to be replaced or when you find yourself short of storage space or capacity, you will need a new storage bay or warehouse. Building a new storage bay costs a lot of time and money. It is therefore important to consider all the options. Which solution fits best to your budget, timetable and system requirements?

Flexible modular construction system

Legioblock’s ‘stud system’ makes the concrete blocks simple to stack without using a load carrier, cement or fixing materials. Legioblock gives you a flexible modular construction system that can be adjusted or extended whenever you want. The storage capacity you need can therefore be at your disposal within no time.

No foundations (usually) required

In contrast to other construction solutions, no foundations need to be built under our stacking blocks in the majority of cases. That saves you a lot of work, time and money. Often a flat stable surface is all you need. To determine whether the surface is satisfactory or whether foundations are necessary, we can have a foundation calculation drawn up for you.

Construction drawings and static calculation

We always use our 80-cm-wide blocks for ‘heavy’ constructions. Compared to building with narrower blocks, building with 80 cm blocks enables the construction to bear heavier loads and makes higher constructions possible (even over 13 metres!). Our first job each time is to convert the construction you have in mind to our own construction drawings, which our driver will eventually use to build the construction. A static calculation is always carried out before the construction you want is built, to be able to guarantee ‘heavy’ constructions and to determine the maximum load.

Short construction and delivery time

We can ensure fast delivery because we have a range of production locations/warehouses throughout Europe. Our experienced driver will simply use a crane to remove the blocks and stack them straight from the lorry. A wall or warehouse can be created with Legioblocks in no time. And depending on the size of the project, your warehouse can even be ready to use within a few hours.

Sustainable long-term solution

Legioblock is a sustainable concrete block made from high quality concrete from secondary raw materials. The concrete blocks can easily be moved around and their long lifespan means they can be used again and again. Buying the concrete blocks is therefore often a one-time purchase: an ideal solution when your storage needs change or if your company moves to a new site. And finally, after many years, the blocks can once again be completely recycled.