Concrete blocks as security barriers

Concrete blocks as security barriers

Sadly, security can no longer be taken for granted. Businesses are adopting preventive measures to guarantee security in and around industrial estates. If you are also considering improving security at your premises, take a look at Legioblock. Our concrete blocks can be used as security barriers, site demarcation, protection against break-ins and roadblocks.

Prevent damage to your premises

Legioblock concrete blocks are rock solid and, because of their immense weight, they cannot easily be moved. By being used as security barriers, protection against break-ins or to safeguard valuable installations, Legioblock can help to prevent damage to storage bays, warehouses and buildings (for example those with a lot of glass).

Well marked-out sites and car parks

Our concrete blocks are ideal for regulating traffic on and around your site. Legioblock is frequently used in places where traffic has to be steered in the right direction, such as in multi-storey car parks, open-air car parks and when roads are blocked. The blocks can also provide protection for cyclists and pedestrians if placed between roads and cycle paths or footpaths. The reflectors on one side of the blocks mean that they can be clearly seen in the dark. The blocks can also be placed to deter people from parking in unauthorised or dangerous spots.


Key features of Legioblock

  • Durable and recyclable concrete
  • Available in various sizes
  • Fast delivery from stock
  • Reflectors can be placed on the blocks, if required

Further information

Curious to know how Legioblock can improve security on and around your premises? Please contact us without obligation.