Why Legioblock is suitable for salt storage

Why Legioblock is suitable for salt storage

Legioblock is a flexible modular construction system using stackable concrete blocks. Concrete is a strong, sustainable material. That gives concrete a long lifespan and makes concrete products and constructions resistant to environmental effects which could damage the concrete. Its lifespan can be shortened, however, by various damaging mechanisms, by frost and by salt spread to melt snow and ice.

Resistant to salt

Legioblock’s stackable concrete blocks have similar characteristics to concrete in the environmental category XF4. As such, they are highly resistant to the adverse effects of fluctuations between frost and thaw (with or without salt).

If your storage bay is not only intended for salt storage but also for storing another raw material, such as cacao, Legioblocks can be supplied with a special coating so that the raw material does not come into direct contact with the concrete of the Legioblock.

Robust construction

The size and weight of Legioblocks as well as the fact that the construction is built by an experienced specialist means that a safe construction can be erected using Legioblocks, which is resistant to the most adverse weather conditions. Legioblocks are moreover 80cm wide and fire-resistant for 240 minutes.

Structure of mobile roof

Apart from the fact that salt storage capacity can be created simply and easily with Legioblocks, it is of course important that the salt is kept dry. We commissioned a mobile roof construction which is resistant to the aggressive effects of salt for a few projects, including one at an international airport in Paris. A mobile roof construction completes the picture and ensures a sustainable total solution for salt storage.

More information?

If you are interested in hearing more about the possibilities for using Legioblock, please contact us with no further obligations attached.