Legioblock joins Deutscher Abbruchverband

Legioblock joins Deutscher Abbruchverband

Legioblock has become a member of the Deutscher Abbruchverband. This German demolition association is the largest national trade association for the demolition sector in Europe and has more than 700 members from the building industry, industrial demolition companies and the recycling industry. As a member of the trade association, we want to work with other members to devise solutions and join in talks about developments in demolition technology and recycling management. Many companies in these sectors already use the Legioblock construction system.

Flexible site layout

Legioblocks are easy to stack without the need for cement or other fixing materials. They can therefore be moved easily to alter the construction at any given time. That ensures that companies can arrange their sites in the most efficient way.

Fireproof site layout

Legioblock stacking blocks prevent the penetration and spread of fire and ensure that the layout of the site is fireproof. This is particularly relevant for recycling companies where – due to overheating and spontaneous combustion – fires are unfortunately relatively common.

Sustainable concrete

Sustainability is high on the agenda in the demolition and recycling sector. Legioblocks are made of sustainable concrete, constructed from certified secondary raw materials, and can even be recycled again too.