Warehouse with metal roof structure

Industrial buildings
Recycling, Storage and transhipment

Rd4 collects and processes waste in various municipalities in the Dutch province of Limburg. In Heerlen, Rd4 has built a new 3,000-m2 storage and transhipment warehouse with Legioblock. The warehouse also has a metal roof structure.

Metal roof structure

A variety of waste streams, including timber and paper, are stored in the warehouse. These waste streams are vulnerable to weather conditions and they must not become wet so a metal roof structure was chosen to keep the material dry.

Fireproof storage

Because the waste streams are vulnerable to fire, it is important that the warehouse and the site are secure. The interlocking concrete blocks used to build the warehouse are classified as A1 fire resistant and can prevent fire from penetrating and spreading.


Over 10 metres high

The Rd4 warehouse is typified by the height of its wall construction. A height of over 10 metres was chosen. That makes it easy for lorries to drive in and out to load and unload. The warehouse is also high enough for other vehicles and the waste streams can be accessed more easily. The top level of the warehouse walls was put in place using a telescopic crane guided by an aerial platform.

Total solution

The Rd4 warehouse is a good example of the total solution Legioblock can offer. We can provide support at each stage – from idea to construction – for the best results.


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