A scrap metal company approached Legioblock asking how they could improve fire safety. In just 2 weeks, Legioblock provided them with fire-resistant compartments that are 9 metres high. And as a result, Legioblock has now eliminated the chance of an unexpected fire spreading to adjacent buildings and compartments, ensuring fire cannot get out of control. We have contributed to reducing the likelihood of this scrap metal company’s business continuity and personnel being put in danger.

Fireproof storage of scrap metal

Overheating is a constant risk in places where bulk metal is processed. Ultimately, this can lead to a fire. Metal fires are notoriously difficult to fight, and they can quickly escalate to a size that can cause entire sites to burn down, running a risk of the fire spreading to neighbouring buildings.

This risk can easily be reduced by storing materials in fire-resistant compartments with sufficient height to prevent transfer to an adjacent compartment or site. The fire then remains limited to a single compartment and can be fought in a controlled manner.

Legioblock’s concrete blocks are class A1 fire-resistant. In practice, this means the blocks can withstand a heavy fire for more than 4 hours. This is extremely useful if you are looking for fire-safe storage.


Total solution – from advice to realisation

 Much is involved in realising a fire-safe solution for a large recycling company. Every project naturally starts with a meeting with the customer in which their needs and requirements are laid down. The most suitable solution is then sought – a truly tailor-made solution. Legioblock therefore not only supplies stackable concrete blocks, but also offers a total solution, from construction calculation to realisation. That’s the strength of Jansen Legioblock B.V.

The total solution consists of:

  • Static calculations to determine the stability and strength of the structure
  • An analysis carried out at the site
  • Construction drawings
  • Transport
  • Construction

Legioblock increased fire safety

The walls realised for this recycling company are 9.20 metres at their highest point. This is sufficient height to prevent a fire from spreading to an adjacent compartment. Legioblock’s stackable systems are flexible and can be built up high, without the need for construction material. This means Legioblock can achieve constructions like this in just 2 weeks. An additional advantage of the high walls is a reduction of noise nuisance for the surrounding business park.

In short:

  • Used materials: stackable blocks from Legioblock
  • Wall height: up to 9.20 metres
  • Fire resistant class: A1
  • Double walls at the bottom for extra stability
  • On top of the double walls there is a foot block for the transition to 0.80 cm single walls
  • Realisation time: 2 weeks
  • Design: Jansen Legioblock B.V., producer of Legioblock

Factors that had an influence on the advice we provided

A wall of this height puts enormous weight and pressure on the ground. Moreover, the company in question is located on the waterfront. The soil conditions of the site therefore had to be taken into account. Based on this data, a static calculation was used to determine the construction design to guarantee stability and safety.

The recycling company site has transport vehicles weighing many tons moving around every day. The walls of the structure must be able to withstand this. This is why the walls in this project are provided with supplementary vertical reinforcements every few metres.

Are you looking for a custom stackable construction?

For more than 45 years, Legioblock has been a reliable partner to specialist companies looking for custom stackable constructions that can be achieved in a short time. Legioblock’s products are extremely suitable for production companies, storage companies, transhipment companies and the recycling industry. In addition, Legioblock is often asked to deliver noise barriers due to the sound-absorbing properties of its products. Would you like to know more about what Legioblock could do for you?


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