Fire-resistant storage boxes for paper plant

Storage bays
fire resistant, paper plant

A paper plant in Aschaffenburg was looking for a storage solution for paper and cardboard. Fire resistance was the most crucial aspect, as the storage boxes also have to serve as partitions in the event of a fire. Legioblock realised fire-resistant storage boxes with a special extinguisher system for the paper plant, which will minimise the damage in case of fire. The realisation of the fire-resistant storage boxes guarantees the safety of staff and reduces the risk of disruptions to the continuity of the company’s business operations.

Europe’s largest paper plant

The DS Smith paper plant in Aschaffenburg (GER) is one of the oldest paper plants in Europe. The plant, which was founded in 1872, is one of the world’s leader manufacturers of (corrugated) cardboard packaging and Europe’s largest paper and cardboard recycler. As paper is a highly flammable material, fire safety is an important concern at the plant.

Wide, fire-resistant partitions

To create an extra-wide partition between the storage boxes, we used double blocks with a total width of 1.6 metres. In total, we placed 4,000 blocks. Legioblocks’ fire-resistant properties will contain a fire within a compartment and minimise the risk of the flames spreading to other buildings or storage boxes. The stackable blocks offer class A1 fire resistance and meet the requirements of the REI240 standard. This means the blocks have a fire resistance of at least four hours.


Equipped with a special extinguishing system

To further improve fire safety, the storage boxes in this setup are equipped with a special extinguishing system. The system is built from the blocks, so it is possible to target the storage boxes directly. The extinguishing system in combination with the fire-resistant blocks prevents the risk of fire penetration and spread. As the blocks are hardly affected by fire, they can easily be reused.

Benefits of Legioblock

Besides the fire-resistant properties, Legioblock’s system of stackable blocks offers many other benefits. For example, the studs allow for modular construction. They make it possible to stack the blocks together without any fixing materials. This means the blocks are easily removable at any time, depending on your storage capacity needs.

From idea to realisation

At Legioblock, we support you at every phase of your project. We think along with you from initial idea to final realisation. Together, we will come up with the best solution for you. We begin by conducting a thorough on-site analysis. Next, we will create a blueprint and, if necessary, a static calculation. We will also handle the transport and assembly of the stackable blocks. Because we are flexible and the concrete blocks can be stacked together without the use of any fixing materials, we can realise a complete solution on very short notice.

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