Protection of the German Embassy in Afghanistan

Retaining walls

Afghanistan has been dealing with agitation and attacks for years. Foreign diplomats or others in political functions are often the target of attacks. The protection and safety of these people is therefore a high priority. More than three years ago, Legioblock built walls of stackable concrete blocks at the NATO-military camp in Mazar, Afghanistan. Legioblock has been asked again to provide security support to officials in the German embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Strict safety conditions

A wall that has to protect the employees of the German embassy in a war zone must of course meet all kinds of strict requirements in order to offer optimal protection. The German Bundeswehr has therefore carried out various tests. This showed that the large concrete blocks of Legioblock meet all given requirements. It protects against all kinds of ammunition and remain intact after an attack. In addition, Legioblock advised to place a steel fence in front of the wall to limit damage to the wall in the event of an explosion.

Sturdy foundation at the Legioblocken wall

In addition, in sandy areas, such as Afghanistan, a solid foundation is important. Heavy rainfall can wash away the sand and thus endanger the strength of the retaining wall. Earthquakes must also be taken into account in this area. Legioblock advised pull rods for this: vertical rods through the concrete wall and attached to the foundation and on top of the blocks with a bolt.


Set up mobile concrete plant in Afghanistan

Legioblock produces its concrete blocks in the Netherlands or Germany. To transport all the necessary blocks to the area would not be possible. That is why we decided three years ago to develop a mobile concrete batching plant and fly it in, with an Antonov transport aircraft, to Afghanistan. Local raw materials are used for the production of blocks. Legioblock led the production and provided local professionals, who will work at all times with the necessary safety equipment, such as a bulletproof vest and under the supervision of the German military.

The mobile concrete batching plant is still present in Mazar, Afghanistan. For this new assignment, the entire concrete plant was transported to Kabul. About 450 kilometers on bad roads. In order to be able to perform this safely, Legioblock has taken many measures. For example, the route was explored and guided with, among other things, drones. In addition, a new plane with materials and tools has left for Kabul.


More information?

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