Storage bays for various raw materials

Storage bays

Gelsenrot Spezialbaustoffe GmbH out of Gelsenkirchen, is active in earthworks, road construction and special construction materials in a large section of Germany. They have several branches in Southwest Germany. For a new location in Gernsheim (just below Frankfurt) they were looking for an experienced supplier of stackable concrete blocks. Legioblock has mapped out Gelsenrot’s desires and plans and provided a fitting proposal.

New construction project with storage bays

A new warehouse, workshop, office building and several storage bays will be built on the site. Various raw materials, such as sand and ‘splitter’, must be stored safely and efficiently in the storage bays. Legioblock stackable concrete blocks are ideally suited for storage bays due to the strength they can offer and the simple stud system. As a result, the concrete walls can always be moved and therefore the storage bays can be enlarged or reduced as desired. This gives Gelsenrot the freedom and flexibility to adapt the storage capacity to changing needs.

Special blocks for steel construction shed

Legioblock has years of experience and expertise with projects of this size. This enabled us to immediately work out a suitable drawing and construction. We have taken into account the new warehouse to be built,  where the storage bays will be placed. In the end, it turned out that special blocks were needed because the construction is being built in and around an existing steel hall. We eventually developed no fewer than 150 special blocks. A great creative challenge for our draftsman and production!


Flexible during new construction project

As is often the case during new construction projects, flexibility in planning and execution is very important. During the entire preparation, various adjustments were made to the drawings. The first drawings were made in 2018 and multiple adjustments followed in 2019 and 2020, all to achieve the best end result. Good cooperation between the end user, hall builder, field service, office staff, production and transportation are all important in new construction projects.

Total customer care including transport

Legioblock also takes care of the transport of all concrete blocks produced from our location in Helmond (the Netherlands) to Germany. For the entire project, we produced more than 3.500 Legioblocks, which are being transported to Germany in 270 truckloads. Several trucks drive from the Netherlands to Germany every day to ensure that the constructionplan will not encounter any delays. Because Legioblock also arranges the transport, we guarantee the progress of the construction and planning for this project.


More information about Legioblock?

More information about the application of Legioblocks in storage bays or curious about the solution that we may be able to offer you with Legioblock? Contact us and we will be happy to visit you to explore the possibilities for your site.