Storage boxes for bulk storage in quarry

Storage bays

Mineral Baustoff GmbH was looking for a flexible solution for the bulk storage of raw material extraction in their quarry in Eigenrieden. Flexibility and modularity are extremely important considering the storage boxes need to be able to move with the continuously changing situations at the quarry. We offered a storage box solution using stackable Legioblocks so the storage boxes can move with the quarry’s stock storage requirements at any time. We helped the customer from the initial idea, analysis and design, to realisation.

First self-sufficient and climate-neutral quarry

Mineral Baustoff GmbH, a subsidiary of STRABAG, wants this pilot project to be a climate-neutral and self-sufficient quarry. The aim is to reduce CO2 emissions from the extraction of raw materials in the Eigenrieden quarry to zero by 2030. They want to achieve this by, among other things, switching from diesel-powered mobile equipment to an efficient and stationary crushing and screening plant. This crushing and screening plant will be powered by green electricity from hydropower and in the medium term by solar energy.


Bulk storage

The extracted raw materials are stored in large quantities in the quarry in Eigenrieden so they can be transported later. Due to the composition and quantity of the raw materials extracted, it is important that storage is sturdy and flexible. Working with Legioblock, we looked for a solution to store these raw materials as efficiently as possible.


Durable storage materials

The customer’s ambition is to realise a climate-neutral quarry by 2030. We are contributing to this by using sustainable and environmentally-friendly stackable Legioblocks for the storage boxes. The stackable blocks from Legioblock are made of high-quality concrete, which in turn is made from secondary raw materials. In addition, the blocks can be moved and reused any time because they can be put together without cement or other fastening materials.


Total solution

We can support you with your project, from idea to realisation. Our expert will first carry out an extensive analysis at the construction site. Afther the analysis, we provide stackable blocks, draft construction drawings, perform static calculations, and handle transport and construction. We can realise a solution within a very short time because we can move quickly and the concrete blocks can be put in place without any further fastening activity or materials.

Are you looking for a custom stackable construction?

For more than 45 years, Legioblock has been a reliable partner to specialist companies looking for custom stackable constructions that can be achieved in a short time. Legioblock’s products are extremely suitable for production companies, storage companies, transhipment companies and the recycling industry. In addition, Legioblock is often asked to deliver noise barriers due to the sound-absorbing properties of its products. Would you like to know more about what Legioblock could do for you?

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