Trench silos for the Rothmühle waste processing centre in Bergrheinfeld

Silage pits

Legioblock installed trench silos for the temporary storage of household and commercial waste for a waste processing centre in the Lower Franconia region. This storage will ensure there is always sufficient material available for the surrounding waste incineration plants.

The central waste processing centre of the Schweinfurt district

Various types of waste are temporarily stored in this central waste processing centre, and in most cases they are ultimately burned. The processing centre in Rothmühle has equipment to ensure the different waste types are sorted correctly. This includes soil and construction waste, wastewater treatment plants and organic waste fermentation plants. Both private individuals and companies can bring their waste here.

Durable, fire-resistant concrete blocks

More than 2,900 blocks were installed on the waste processing centre site over a period of 6 weeks. Fires can occur regularly at waste processing companies, mainly where fire-sensitive materials such as wood and paper are stored. The chance of fire not remaining in the compartment and therefore spreading to other parts of the site is quite high. Legioblock walls are fire resistant for at least 4 hours and prevent fire penetration. To ensure the durability of the stackable concrete blocks, they are made from high-quality, fire-resistant material. This ensures the concrete blocks are virtually unaffected by fire and can be reused afterwards.


Efficient storage

The length of the walls made from stackable concrete blocks differs, partly due to the different storage applications. The height of the walls is 6 metres, and they are filled to a height of 5 metres. To ensure the storage capacity can be used optimally, the waste is compressed and delivered by compact garbage truck.


Total realisation

We support your project: from idea to final realisation. Our expert will carry out an extensive analysis of your company site. A construction drawing is then drafted, after which we take care of the transport and assembly. A static calculation can also be made if necessary. Such a calculation was carried out for the waste processing centre in Rothmühle to ensure the stability and tilt resistance of the concrete blocks. We can realise a suitable solution within a very short time because we can move quickly, and the concrete blocks can be put in place and built up without any further fastening activity or materials.


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