Waste-processing and recycling businesses

The global waste mountain continues to grow: a study by the World Bank predicts that by 2050 this will increase by no less than 70%. Given the scarcity of natural resources, in principle, this growing mountain of waste will provide us with a source from which to satisfy our future raw material needs. As such, this means that it’s even more important for waste-processing and recycling businesses to separate out waste flows and store them safely so that they can acquire new value. Legioblock can help you meet this challenge.


For separating out mixed waste from container rentals it was decided to build storage bays made from stackable concrete blocks from Legioblock. This was a flexible, safe and easy solution.

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Modular construction system

For the construction of storage facilities, Legioblock offers a flexible modular solution. The concrete blocks can be stacked to quite a considerable height. Thanks to the interlocking system, no additional means of securement is required. This means that the storage location can be moved at any time and quickly adapted to suit your required storage capacity.

Safe and stable

A standard stackable concrete block from Legioblock is 80 cm in width and weighs around 1,000 kilos. This allows you to construct a stable storage facility which is able to endure heavier waste flows in comparison with a narrower block and which can also take a knock or two. It also provides a safe working environment for your employees. To properly safeguard this, we will always send you an independent static calculation of your storage facility.


More information about waste separation solutions?

If you would like more information or free advice about the construction of storage facilities for your waste-processing or recycling business, feel free to contact us. If required, we can send one of our consultants to discuss the options with you on site.

Eliminating risks of mixed waste

As a recycling or waste-processing company, you have to deal with a large diversity of waste flows needing separate and safe storage. By creating separate storage bays, the risks of mixed waste at your storage facility can be eliminated.

The effects of weather

With Legioblock, it’s possible to provide your storage facility with a roofing system. This means your waste flows will be adequately protected from the effects of any kind of weather.



Recycling businesses are regularly affected by fire. Whilst it’s impossible to rule out completely, if you take the right safety measures this fire hazard can be minimised. Legioblock is Class A1 fire-resistant which helps prevent fire spreading between compartments.


Why opt for Legioblock?

For almost 50 years, we have been providing businesses with a durable, all-round solution for the storage of recycling flows. We will be happy to discuss any issues you have in respect of waste management and have the experience and expertise in-house to look after all your needs, from the initial idea right through to project completion. Our standard working procedures are as follows:

  • a comprehensive analysis of the construction site
  • a detailed architectural drawing along with static calculations
  • transport of the blocks to the site in question
  • construction of the storage facility, with or without roofing

Would you like to know more about the construction of storage facilities using Legioblock? If so, our consultants will be glad to help you.