What do you need to think about when building a trench silo?

What do you need to think about when building a trench silo?

A trench silo can be used for a variety of purposes. Therefore you should ask yourself a number of things beforehand. For example, have you thought about the placement of the silo or its storage capacity? Through this article we answer several questions so you can make a good choice for the layout of your site.

What material will be stored?

Constructing a trench silo with Legioblocks has several advantages. They are high, fire resistant and also durable. They are easy and safe to stack and a foundation is not always necessary. Depending on the material you want to store in them, we can build a trench silo to suit your needs.
A trench silo is mostly used for the storage of corn, sugar beets, pulp and grass. The silos are generally filled once a year, with the exception of grass which is filled twice a year. In many cases, farmers have an extra silo when it comes to storing grass in order to have enough drying time during the year.

How much storage capacity do you need?

Once you have figured out what material you are going to use a trench silo for, it is important to estimate the desired storage capacity. This determines the final height and width of the silo. A high trench silo has the advantage of taking up less space. You do need to take into account the use of any machinery. Choose a silo which is large enough so that you can easily load and unload your machines. Are you using the silo to store silage? If so, make a good consideration at all times in what you need to prevent scalding.

What is the load on the wall?

The materials you store and its quantity will influence the load on the entire trench silo. You should therefore think carefully in advance about the construction you want to build. Of course we are happy to think along with you. By making an on-site analysis and a static calculation, we can accurately estimate the load-bearing capacity you need to assume. A wall construction that is too high can be dangerous, so it is certainly important to consider this. The advantage of a trench silo from Legioblocks is that it is a flexible construction system which can easily be extended or modified when required.

How do you want the slope in the silo?

The slope allows rainwater or other liquids to drain. You want to prevent these liquids from staying in your silo which can damage the stored material. We are happy to inform you about the different forms of slope.

Is drainage necessary?

In most cases, drainage is not required for a trench silo as these are often covered and therefore the product is hermetically sealed. If you choose not to cover your product, we are happy to inform you about the drainage possibilities.

Where is the trench silo placed?

The advantage of constructing a trench silo with Legioblocks is that a foundation is not always necessary. A trench silo can be built directly on a flat and load bearing surface. During an on-site analysis we can provide you with advice on the most suitable location for the silo on your site.

Does the silo need to be expanded or modified in the future?

Because Legioblocks are stacked on top of each other without any fasteners, they can be moved at any time. This way, you can easily adjust and change your storage capacity.
We are available if you have any questions you would like to discuss with one of our specialists. Please feel free to contact us.