Legioblock - The flexible concrete construction system

An overview of Legioblock projects

With the interlocking concrete blocks, Legioblock, we offer a flexible construction system that is ideal for both permanent and temporary storage structures. We implement our interlocking block systems in a wide range of projects for clients across Europe. Legioblock is often used in the recycling industry, storage and transhipment industries, as well as in agriculture. Legioblock is perfect for the construction of concrete storage bays and industrial buildings, for storing recycled materials as well as the separation of (bulk) goods. Concrete interlocking blocks also provide the ideal solution for constructing sound barriers, separators and temporary fencing. Using precast blocks as traffic or security barriers can provide the ideal solution for local authorities, especially during outdoor events.


Storage boxes for waste separation

Treude container service

Storage boxes for cocoa storage

Vollers Antwerp

Retaining wall for noise pollution

Recycling company Hamburg

Storage hall with sliding roofs

Zietzschmann Neuss

Legio footblock for extra burdens

Asphalt plant Werl

Sound barrier with design blocks

Scouting Stratum

Salt storage for airports

l’Aéroport Charles de Gaulle (Roissy)

Transhipment point with storage boxes

The Mulhouse Harbour

Storage boxes with roof

Horlemann Uedem

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