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Industrial buildings

Legioblock has realized a covered storage hall of Lego concrete blocks for Vanheede Environment Group. This hall functions to store different fractions of wood chips.

Covered storage with Legioblocks

Vanheede Environment Group is a major player in waste processing and recycling in Belgium. For their site in Aubange, they were looking for a solution for the covered storage of wood chips. The wood fractions are processed after temporary storage and get a new application in products such as laminate flooring, furniture and pallets. It is therefore important that the wood chips remain dry. Attention is also needed for fire safety. A covered storage hall built with Lego blocks provided the solution.

Steel roof for covered storage

The storage hall is completely covered with a steel roof to protect the wood chips from the weather. Legioblock worked together with the former owner to realize the custom-made roof. Therefore we were able to provide Vanheede Environment group with a complete solution for dry and safe storage of the wood chips.


Efficient layout of  sorting centre

The flexible construction system of Legioblock made it possible to create an efficient layout in the sorting centre. Every year Vanheede receives about 50,000 tons of wood waste from households, companies and municipalities. A large part is  wood from furniture and the demolition of old buildings and green waste. The new storage hall contains seven sections to store the different fractions of wood separately, each of which gets a new application in wood products.

Flexible solution for waste storage

At the start of the process extensive static calculations were made to determine different ballast and storage heights of the Legioblock walls. The 8.80 meter high seperation and outer walls were reinforced with foot blocks and buttresses. This is necessary for the roofing, but also enables the storage of heavier material in the future. In this way, the new storage hall offers a flexible solution for different types of waste streams.

Legioblocks offer great fire resistance

Dry wood chips are highly flammable and the consequences of a fire are considerable. The fire resistant walls of Legio blocks offer protection for at least 4 hours. Because the walls are built up to a height of 8.80 m, this also prevents fire from spreading to other adjacent storage locations.



Are you interested in a covered storage hall for wood chips or other applications for your company? Are you curious about the possibilities? Please feel free to contact us.