Why Legioblock concrete blocks are environmental friendly

Why Legioblock concrete blocks are environmental friendly

Legioblock concrete blocks are made from secondary raw materials. This makes our Legioblocks environmentally friendly, sustainable and contributes to a ‘Blue Economy’. Where do we get these secondary raw materials and what exactly does a ‘Blue economy’ entail?

Secondary raw materials

Our lego concrete blocks are made from secondary raw materials. Secondary raw materials are substances that are released after the recycling of waste and which, after processing, can be used again as (certified) additives in, for example, the concrete products industry. By using secondary raw materials in concrete, the extraction of natural sand and gravel is avoided. For example, for the legioblocks we use mineral waste materials such as (concrete) rubble, this is certified and meets all quality requirements. Secondary raw materials fall under the principle of ‘urban mining’: instead of extracting new raw materials, we make use of many materials that become available when demolishing old buildings. We no longer see used raw materials as ‘waste’ but as valuable sources for new, secondary raw materials. So our legioblocks are made of environmentally friendly concrete and are incredibly sustainable.

Blue economy

With the use of secondary raw materials, we are moving from a disposable economy to a circular economy. In a circular economy, there is no waste and raw materials are used over and over again. No waste is one of the principles of a ‘Blue economy’. In a ‘Blue economy’ we assume an ecosystem that is guided by nature. Because the greatest natural features of the Earth, water and air, are blue and the Earth is blue from space, we call this a ‘Blue economy’. The creator of the ‘Blue Economy’, Gunter Pauli, said: “By looking closely at natural systems, we can arrive at a sustainable way of producing and consuming”.

Legioblock: environmentally friendly, sustainable, high quality and cost efficient

By using secondary raw materials in our stackable concrete blocks, we contribute to a circular and ‘blue’ economy. As a result, legioblocks are sustainable. Not only are they made of environmentally friendly concrete, the blocks also last a long time and can easily be moved and reused. Because you only have to buy them once, they are extremely cost efficient. Furthermore, our legioblocks, made from secondary raw materials, meet all quality requirements and certifications.

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